General Register Office search for the birth records for you.  Information is on the


Cost for a full days searching at the General Register Office is €20 or €2 for five conscutive books.

There are four books for each year of births

A - D

E - L

L - O

P - Z

It takes approximately three hours to search one book of indexes for all Westport area births .

Entries for 1915 for surnames beginning with E to G, and H to L were recorded.

When a birth has been identified a photocopy of the netry in the birth register is requested. This costs a further €4. and only five can be obtained on the day. Any further ones requested will be posted on.

An example of a birth entry is given at

The birth index registers for Logan for County Leitrim for 1908 to 1916 were looked at and the following results obtained .